After I graduated from Parsons I started 24 Shades of Green, a custom coat company. Clients chose from a wide selection of designer fabrics and had coats custom made, with adjustable lengths. Each client appreciated being a part of the design process, and ending up with a completely unique, well-tailored piece. I expanded this line to include short jackets, blouses, dresses, skirts and trousers, all with custom fabric options. We sold at boutique events and house parties. Once I knew the bestselling styles, I started bringing along some ready-to-wear.

Wearing many hats, I interfaced with the customers, designed all my sales materials, and coordinated photo shoots. Plus I was the designer, fabric buyer, patternmaker and grader. Thankfully I had help from friends and family in selling, photography, general assisting, and a small factory in NYC did the cutting and sewing for me.  I had many repeat customers, some who were loyal custom clients for many years.