I teach art and fashion classes to children, teens and adults at Danforth Art School at Framingham State University. The following are recent examples of student work from my classes in each category.


In the following recent class for grades 2-3, students explored concepts such as positive and negative space, creating a sense of space using overlapping, directional lines and atmospheric perspective, expressionistic application of paint and and Post-Impressionism, the shapes and colors in cast shadows, and assemblage. The projects drew direct inspiration from artworks in the museum, where through visual thinking strategies and engaged discussion, students learned from the techniques of the artists.


High School- Drawing at the Museum– Winter 2021-22. This class drew direct inspiration from artists and works in the Danforth Art Museum, which the school is lucky to have right on the premises. Students were asked to approach the museum as a visual “playground” and to look deeply at techniques of artists of their choice to create reinterpretations. In one assignment they were given the prompt to incorporate one recognizable technique into their own artwork but change the subject matter. They were encouraged to explore the expressive power of various different drawing materials, and in many cases, try them for the first time. The following are examples of reinterpretations and the original artworks that inspired them.

The painting above is by Ann Lambert entitled “Van Gogh Rowing”. This student experimented with her (and Van Gogh’s) Post-Impressionistic directional lines, and even moved into the realm of pointillism to create this artwork based on his photo of a woodland landscape of a pool of water and rocks. He used gouache and oil pastels.


The photograph above is by Sally Brecher from her series “Glass Houses”. The student used pen and ink and chalk pastel in their artwork below. They chose to keep the playful, color block theme while adding a sense of being slightly off-kilter. This student also looked at other artists who use fine line and bold color shapes such as Paul Klee and Joan Miro.



In my fashion classes, students learn how to create a cohesive, clear mood board to inspire their own unique fashion collection. They learn to draw the fashion figure, how to add gesture, and how to render materials and express themselves with a variety of mixed mediums and techniques. I also teach patternmaking, draping and sewing. Students are taught fun fashion history and about early and current fashion innovators, and are given thought-provoking, cross-referential design challenges to spark ideas and creativity.

Student High School Work from Summer Arts 2020 and 2021

Gouache , marker, colored pencils and hydrangea petals


Marker and 3 dimensional feature of pleated fabric and swatches




A costume-inspired collection experimenting with Posca pens


6-8 Grade Work from 2021 and 2022

6-8 grade designs (above) using a 3-dimensional material; in this case, a shower curtain