In 2012 I combined my two biggest loves, creating and kids, and designed a collection of creature-inspired children’s clothing. The designs are all made of washable fleece and consist of hats, hoodies and scarves.  They are inspired by animals, and by my daughter, who for awhile would refuse to wear anything without a “creature” on it.  Because she and all imaginative kids inspire me, I named the line “Growing Muses”.  I sell at holiday gift boutiques and at my etsy shop:





I love doing custom requests. Here are some alternative color schemes that customers chose.



I offer 23 different animal scarf designs- see my etsy site for more.

I was surprised when I began doing this how many people, even adults, requested specific dog breeds. Here are a few that found their way into the collection.

Creature hats!



It’s all in the details! It won’t be packed up unless it is perfectly made.